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Social Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing in which the focus is placed on key individuals who have built a fan base that follows the influencer due to shared interests.Our objective is to ensure that you obtain the greatest return on your investment possible. We do this by associating your brand with a strong Celebrity Influencer who has a positive reputation with your audience.

We build brand relationships with established talent and can even connect you with emerging talent options. With social media having such tremendous PR force, the power of a celebrity social influencer can provide you with a tremendous marketing partnership. In fact, studies show that user-generated content is trusted 50% more than any other source!



We offer the ability for brands to partner with a variety of social influencers, ranging from fashion designers, personalities, actors, musicians, and sports heroes to DIY’ers, moms and more. Customized text, still images and videos are then self-promoted through one or more social platform, often with contests and calls to action included – and at the least, a hashtag. Utilizing digital social influencers will help make an impact on brand awareness, purchase interest, and ultimately, sales.

  • The benefit of another voice validating your brand

  • Be represented by people your audience trusts

  • Get an instant boost to social media profiles

  • Deliver timed promotions and tactics



Social influencers are the future of marketing for any company. With the growth of social media outlets in this day in age, the influencer marketing field is incredibly important for those wanting to get their brand known and recognized by a fast growing audience. Brands have the opportunity to directly engage with the over 300 million monthly active users on Instagram, alone, that follow the wide range of social media influencers. These influencer partnerships when leveraged smartly will enable brands to gain the ‘trickle down effect’ of new fan followers as well!

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