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We begin with an audit of your current social media efforts and help you come up with a comprehensive plan including:

  • Audiences

  • Content Marketing

  • Blogging

  • Website Development

  • Topics and themes

  • Channel selection

  • Editorial calendars

  • Micro content formats

  • Employee guidelines and crisis plans

  • Integration with content marketing

  • Employee participation

  • Fans/advocate participation

  • Contests and promotions

  • Metrics and KPIs

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media Engagement

  • Social Media Set-Up

  • Social Media Photography

  • Campaign Building

  • Influencer Collaborations

  • Ambassador & Affiliate Programs


Publicity driven events are key to building a successful brand.

Our team has worked on events and tradeshows in the entertainment, technology, fashion, gaming, media, cause releated and non-profit sector, and with some of the biggest brands and celebrities in the US.  We will help you find the events to align with by tapping into our networks and integrate those events into your larger marketing/publicity strategy.


We will help map out your entire event, from conception, to the guest lists, to logistics, to targeted publicity generation and follow through.

  • Presentations

  • Sponsorships & Partnership Collaboration

  • Store openings

  • Product Launches

We will work with you on brand creation, brand strategy, & consultion.

​We will help you create your brand from the ground up - consulting on graphic design, logos, business cards, and creating your "voice."


We are able to provide fully vetted trained staff in most major markets across the country to fulfill your in-store demo needs, as well as staffing needs for in-store, local and community events.


To reach your target audience, you need a lifestyle PR agency with the right experience to engage with the influencers and media outlets they turn to for information on new products and experiences. Your agency team needs to understand consumer taste and the latest trends to have a strategy in place that delivers results.

It all starts with knowing which traditional media editors, bloggers and influencers your audience trusts for news, advice and product recommendations. Authenticity is key, and can mean the difference between product coverage that inspires action and coverage that falls flat.


You need a team that understands your product or service, your competitors in the marketplace and the consumer you’re trying to reach.  The right agency can combine these elements to drive high-impact coverage that puts your product in front of the right consumer via sources they trust and look to for guidance on new products.

  • Editorial Outreach

  • Digital Outreach

  • Celebrity & Influencer Seeding

  • Broadcast Placements

  • Media Planning


Relationships built over the past decade help us place you on the big and small screens, and then use that placement to extend off-screen, for further success. Connect with and win over the influential VIPs we identify as the best fits for your brand​.

 Increase exposure in the ever popular celebrity world (via weekly magazines and news shows) and create a "must-have" mystique.​

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